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Definition of

consolidated invoice

Operations & Production

combined invoice for items sent to buyer separately an invoice that covers all items shipped by one seller to one buyer during a particular period

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  • Electronic Invoicing in the European Union

    Best Practice

    The overall number of service providers involved in the e-invoicing market has grown from 160 in 2006 to 260 in 2007. Some commentators suggest a continued growth in the number of service providers, whilst others are expecting a major consolidation. Critical mass for an e-invoicing service provider
    By Hansjörg Nymphius

  • Payment Factories: How to Streamline Financial Flows

    Best Practice

    Banks and financial departments call this a payments factory. The phrase is a loose term that covers the rationalization and consolidation of a payment service into these global hubs. The aim is to have a single track of payments for invoices, purchase orders, payroll, cash management, and more, that can be easily managed, tracked, and changed regardless of where these are happening.
    By Chris Skinner

  • Creative Accounting: Auditors’ Roles in the Detection of Financial Fraud

    Best Practice

    recording of 20 invoices totalling MYR 333 million. This misreporting represented overstatements of 36% and 30%, respectively, of the company’s consolidated revenues for the years ending 2005 and 2006 and changed what would otherwise have been pretax losses into pretax profits. A further audit extended back
    By Zuraidah Mohd-Sanusi, Yusarina Mat-Isa

  • Best Practices in Cash Flow Management and Reporting

    Best Practice

    This means, for example, that all the stages in the cash-relevant business processes in an integrated accounting system are evaluated in real time, and the expected cash flow can be forecast using information that is always up to date. This is shown in the example of the sales order–invoicing
    By Hans-Dieter Scheuermann


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