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Definition of

conflict management

General Management

discovering and controlling conflict within organization the identification and control of conflict within an organization. There are three main philosophies of conflict management: all conflict is bad and potentially destructive; conflict is inevitable and managers should attempt to harness it positively; conflict is essential to the survival of an organization and should be encouraged.

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  • Conflicting Interests: The Agency Issue


    This checklist examines possible conflicts of interest, which create the risk that a company is run in a way that does not deliver maximum value for stockholders, due to management’s self-interest or pressure from dominant external stockholders.

  • Avoiding Conflict of Interest in Internal Audits


    The same firm should never be appointed to do both the internal audit and the external audit. Using different audit firms will not only avoid a conflict of interest but will provide independent opinions and reports that the management and shareholders can use to assess the business of the company.

  • Money Managers

    Best Practice

    on behalf of others. Investment mandates make specific rules on what sort of investments and risks can be taken, and regulators insist on systems for the management of conflicts of interest. Nevertheless such conflicts do occur, and they continue to raise issues for the money management industry.
    By David Pitt-Watson

  • Europe and the Euro: A Geopolitical View—An Implausible Currency but the Best Alternative to Naked Conflict?


    However, the Turks are a rising power and are very active in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are keen on playing an increasing role in the Caucasus and the Middle East. This could potentially open up a conflict between Ankara and Moscow. Russia does not want to see Turkey manage to open up the trans
    By Marko Papic


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