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Definition of

concentration risk


risk related to lack of variety in lending the risk of loss to a financial institution as a result of having too many outstanding loans concentrated in a particular instrument, with a particular type of borrower, or in a particular country

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  • Investment Risk in Islamic Finance

    Best Practice

    Shariah riskRisk associated with not implementing Islamic investment and finance products in accordance with shariah principles.Asset concentrationInvesting, financing, or drawing earnings and income in a single market or a single asset class.Default riskRisk that a counterparty fails to meet its
    By Kamal Abdelkarim Hassan, Hassan Ahmed Yusuf

  • Risk Management Revisited

    Best Practice

    The focus on overhauling risk management in financial services gained considerable impetus from the publication of official critical reviews, such as the Turner Review3 by the FSA, which, although primarily concentrating on the banking sector, nonetheless calls into question the fundamental tenets on which risk analysis in the asset management industry have been traditionally based
    By Duncan Hughes

  • Managing Counterparty Credit Risk

    Best Practice

    reporting includes portfolio risk measures, such as aggregate credit exposure, concentrations, and sensitivity of exposure to key economic drivers.
    By David Shimko

  • Countering Supply Chain Risk

    Best Practice

    As with the supply side, firms must also develop a profile of the demand side to analyze the outbound side of the supply chain. Analysis of the demand side will identify dangers such as those associated with overreliance on a single distribution center to serve a large market, or the risks of having a highly concentrated customer base.
    By Vinod Lall


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