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Definition of

complaints management

General Management

technique for handling complaints a management technique for assessing, analyzing, and responding to customer complaints

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  • Total Quality Management and Internal Auditing

    Best Practice

    During this period “quality objectives” in business and public-sector organizations moved into all levels of direction and management decision-making. Strategic plans embraced the need for quality and customer satisfaction, if not delight. Directors of quality appeared on many boards. The results
    By Jeffrey Ridley

  • Challenges in Management Skills Development


    Simon Earp is director of corporate development and director of the University of Edinburgh Business School’s part-time MBA program. He has a BSc Dip. Marketing and obtained his management science degree at Warwick University. In addition to running several TCS programs he has overall responsibility
    By Simon Earp, Eddie Cochrane

  • Business Continuity Management: How to Prepare for the Worst

    Best Practice

    Incident and emergency management plans (for instance, evacuation, fire, bomb threat, etc.) need to be consistent with the BCP, and there needs to be escalation processes from them into the BCP. Triggers should also be identified for escalation from customer complaints, failure of service
    By Andrew Hiles

  • Managing Your Reputation through Crisis: Opportunity or Threat?

    Best Practice

    We know that no organization is immune from crisis. The one thing that is predictable about crises is that they will happen, and a good crisis management plan is essential best practice. Yet my experience as a crisis communications consultant tells me that many organizations, including some
    By Magnus Carter


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