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Definition of

company promoter


somebody establishing new firm a person who organizes the setting up of a new company

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    “Fraud risk assessment expands upon traditional risk assessment. It is scheme and scenario based rather than based on control risk or inherent risk. The assessment considers the various ways that fraud and misconduct can occur by and against the company. Fraud risk assessment also considers
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  • How Stockholders Can Effectively Engage with Companies

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    One investor alone, even if it is a large pension fund, has limited capacity to engage with a company. Many large funds hold thousands of companies in their portfolios. It is important that, to promote changes in company behavior, stockholders work together to pool resources and influence. Many
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  • The LIFO Conundrum: Convergence of US GAAP with IFRS and Its Implications on US Company Competitiveness

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    advertising and promotion, or oil exploration, in the case of Exxon Mobil Corporation. These impacts on firm value and competitiveness mean companies that employ LIFO are reluctant to adopt IFRS.
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  • Corporate-Level Strategy: Creating Value in the Multibusiness Company

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    Corporate-Level Strategy puts the case for a tight fit between the main parent company’s strategy and its businesses’ strategies, arguing that this will promote success. This needs to be thought through properly, to ensure that the most is made from company structure and interactions.


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