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Definition of

communications management

General Management

job of ensuring effective communications the management, measurement, and control activities undertaken to ensure the effectiveness of communications

communications management - Related Articles
  • Managing Activist Investors and Fund Managers

    Best Practice

    That is achieved by ensuring that the long-term strategic objectives that are set are not only well communicated, but are also fully executed to the stockholders’ satisfaction. By setting and delivering on those long-term objectives, executive management can build long-term investor trust and commitment, leading to a much less volatile financial landscape for the companies operations.
    By Leslie L. Kossoff

  • Risk Management: Beyond Compliance

    Best Practice

    In this context, risk managers become coordinators of business intelligence rather than arbiters of what is and is not a risk. The management of risk is a communication process that is central to the success of the enterprise rather than an overhead process that compliance so often becomes
    By Bill Sharon

  • Reputation and Strategic Issue Management

    Best Practice

    communications are credible to stakeholders. If reputation can be viewed as a form of assessment of a corporation’s behavior and performance, then understanding and identifying risks and issues—that may at a later stage damage this valuable asset—must be an active part of any reputation management structure
    By John Dalton

  • Digital Reputation Management

    Best Practice

    Key in this new age of instant global communications, where the influence and reach of word of mouth is growing, is effective management of your business reputation. To grow and prosper, companies need to build reputational capital among all stakeholders. Although a company has many different
    By Shireen Smith


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