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Definition of

communications channel

General Management

methods by which people communicate a medium through which a message is passed in the process of communication. Communications channels include the spoken, written, and printed word, and electronic or computer-based media such as radio and television, telephones, videoconferencing, and e-mail. The most effective channel for a specific message depends on the nature of the message and the audience to be reached, as well as the context in which the message is to be transmitted.

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  • How the Corporate Website Has Become the Hub for Online Reputation Building

    Best Practice

    In communication terms, corporate reputation can be a function of the interplay between what a company says and how it says it, and what others say about that company. Traditionally, when trying to build and enhance corporate reputation, companies relied on a range of specialist stories told by professional storytellers using well-understood channels of communication, including, more recently, the corporate website.
    By Mark Hill

  • Smart Use of Reputation Capital: How to Benefit from Different Reputation Investment Strategies

    Best Practice

    for companies. But it is not just the channels of communication that have changed; market conditions themselves are also different. The shift in the perceived importance of hard and soft corporate factors—a shift that now increasingly favors intangible assets—has resulted in a heightened risk to reputation.
    By Joachim Klewes, Robert Wreschniok

  • The CEO’s Role in Reputation Management

    Best Practice

    attributed to poor internal communication channels that allowed safety procedures to weaken. As one Texas City refinery employee told a Fortune reporter: “The values are real, but they haven’t been aligned with our business practices in the field. A scream at our level is, if anything, a whisper
    By Leslie Gaines-Ross

  • Managing Your Reputation through Crisis: Opportunity or Threat?

    Best Practice

    Organizations need to use all available communication channels to engage with stakeholders. In the case of both traditional and social media, conversations are more effective where there is an existing relationship. Twitter followers will not trust you if you simply create an account to answer
    By Magnus Carter


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