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Definition of

communications channel

General Management

methods by which people communicate a medium through which a message is passed in the process of communication. Communications channels include the spoken, written, and printed word, and electronic or computer-based media such as radio and television, telephones, videoconferencing, and e-mail. The most effective channel for a specific message depends on the nature of the message and the audience to be reached, as well as the context in which the message is to be transmitted.

communications channel - Related Articles
  • Managing Your Reputation through Crisis: Opportunity or Threat?

    Best Practice

    Organizations need to use all available communication channels to engage with stakeholders. In the case of both traditional and social media, conversations are more effective where there is an existing relationship. Twitter followers will not trust you if you simply create an account to answer
    By Magnus Carter

  • Managing the Relationships between Audit Committees and the CAE

    Best Practice

    The audit committee chair can foster a healthy relationship with the internal auditors, and particularly the chief internal auditor, by keeping communication channels open, getting to know the CAE as a person, frequently touching base between meetings, and taking an interest in and caring about the internal audit function
    By Richard E. Cascarino

  • Joint Ventures: Synergies and Benefits

    Best Practice

    To succeed, JV partners must mitigate several potential sources of risk: poor communication, different objectives, imbalanced resources, and cultural clashes. Firstly, JV partners must establish clear communication channels at the top of the firms involved, and also with employees whose daily work
    By Siri Terjesen

  • Internal Audit and Partnering with Senior Management

    Best Practice

    There are a range of communication channels that the chief audit executive can use to help build the “audit brand.” The strategies will vary depending on the size of the organization. A good starting point is to develop a marketing plan or communication strategy. The intention is to influence people
    By Bruce Turner


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