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Definition of

commitments for capital expenditure


amount committed to fixed assets in future the amount a company has committed to spend on fixed assets in the future. In the United Kingdom, companies are legally obliged to disclose this amount, and any additional commitments, in their annual report.

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    Capital expenditure (capex) refers to the money a business spends purchasing or upgrading fixed assets for future business benefit. Capital expenditure can include money spent for new property that will be resold, or which might be kept for one or more years. Capital expenditure also includes money

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    Entrepreneurs may require both debt and equity financing, and often start their firms by financing growth through equity. Equity capital is money invested in the venture with no legal obligation on the entrepreneur to repay the principal amount or to pay interest on it; however, it requires sharing the ownership and profits with the funding source, and possibly also paying dividends to equity investors.
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    capital market instruments to raise finance is that investors can exit at any time rather than wait for assets to mature. Furthermore, the investment banks that arrange the issuances earn fees and do not have to commit their own resources, unless the bill, bond, or note issue is not taken up, in which case
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