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Definition of

commercial substance


economic reality behind piece of business the economic reality that underlies a transaction or arrangement, regardless of its legal or technical denomination. For example, a company may sell an office block and then immediately lease it back: the commercial substance may be that it has not been sold.

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  • Valuing Start-Ups

    Best Practice

    The capital to finance the project usually comes from personal funds (from savings, friends, and family), and if things work out as planned the result is a commercial product or service. If the product or service finds a ready market, the business will usually need more capital, and the providers of this are often venture capitalists, who provide funds in return for a share of the equity in the business
    By Aswath Damodaran

  • Capital Adequacy Requirements for Islamic Financial Institutions: Key Issues

    Best Practice

    Besides credit risk, market risk, and operational risk, which are covered by the Basel II framework, Islamic banks are faced with other risks such as price risk, rate of return risk, fiduciary risk, and displaced commercial risk. In order for us to determine a proper CAR for Islamic banks, we need
    By M. Kabir Hassan, Ebid Smolo

  • Global Ambitions—China’s Big Banks


    Another stimulus to change has been the public listing of shares in China’s mega-banks. Of the world’s top 10 banks, three are PRC-based: the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC (no. 1), the China Construction Bank, or CCB (no. 4), and the Bank of China (no. 5). Each has had experience
    By Sir John Stuttard

  • The Case for Separation of Islamic Banks’ Transaction and Investment Functions


    Most Islamic banks are structured as commercial or universal banks. In other words, they are institutions that accept funds from the general public on transaction and investment accounts and invest these funds in assets and projects (according to the appetite for risk of the management
    By Volker Nienhaus


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