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Definition of

closing balance

  • 1. Accounting

    amount carried forward to next accounting period the difference between credits and debits in a ledger at the end of one accounting period that is carried forward to the next

  • 2. Banking

    bank balance at end of business day the amount in credit or debit in a bank account at the end of a business day

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  • Closing the Deal: Public–Private Partnerships (PPP) for Infrastructure


    Consequently, the contracts and projects have not been able to attract investment-grade status, which makes it more difficult for institutional investors, such as pension funds, to get involved with financing them. Many governments were attracted to these arrangements in the first place because the private sector raised the finance, and public-sector accounting rules kept the projects off its balance-sheet. Now some people question if this was ever the right approach
    By Chris Brown, Joanne Emerson Taqi

  • Multidimensional Performance Measurement Using the Balanced Scorecard

    Best Practice

    resources that eventually impact the financial outcomes of the firm; to do so effectively, they need performance feedback that links the outcomes of their decisions to the strategic and financial goals of the firm. This feedback is most useful when it is a “leading” performance indicator, or one that is closely related to the work being performed
    By Priscilla Wisner

  • Pension Schemes: A Unique and Unintended Basket of Risks on the Balance Sheet

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    The overriding concern is to find the hidden value in companies—whether in their balance sheet or in their intellectual property—and extract it in the most efficient way possible. Every financial and operational risk is carefully studied and, where possible, mitigated. Lines of credit are negotiated
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  • Valuing Pension Fund Liabilities on the Balance Sheet

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    With a defined contribution plan, the firm meets its obligation once it has made the prespecified contribution to the plan, and its valuation on the balance sheet is reasonably straightforward. With a defined benefit plan, the firm’s obligations are much more difficult to estimate, since
    By Steven Lowe


Definitions of ’closing balance’ and meaning of ’closing balance’ are from the book publication, QFINANCE – The Ultimate Resource, © 2009 Bloomsbury Information Ltd. Find definitions for ’closing balance’ and other financial terms with our online QFINANCE Financial Dictionary.

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