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Definition of

chargeable gain


profit liable to capital gains tax a profit from the sale of an asset that is subject to capital gains tax.

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    Convertible securities (CSs) and other equity-linked instruments combine debt and equity. Depending on the terms and the issuer’s future performance, CSs can range from almost pure equity to an option-free bond. In option terms, a CS can be viewed in two ways. It amounts to a straight bond with a call option on a specified number of shares. It is also effectively a share with a put option whose exercise price is the market value of the...
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  • Understanding the True Cost of Issuing Convertible Debt and Other Equity-Linked Financing

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    is treated as an equity issue and is disregarded for tax. In the latter case it is in principle taxable as an embedded derivative. If so, a chargeable gain or allowable loss will arise when the company pays cash to the holders. The gain or loss is determined by a formula based on the difference between
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  • Acquiring a Company


    in acquiring the seller’s company. The assets will be acquired at the current market value, which will give them a high base cost in terms of capital gains tax. The purchase will, therefore, attract maximum capital allowances. The seller can obtain certain reliefs against capital gains tax. Overall, a


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