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Definition of

certificate of origin

International Trade

document declaring origin of imported goods a document showing where imported goods come from or were made

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  • Islamic Capital Markets: The Role of Sukuk

    Best Practice

    There are no shariah objections to financial markets, only to the interest-based instruments which are traded in the markets. Therefore, the first attempt to develop shariah-compliant debt instruments involved securitizing traditional Islamic financing instruments, as with the mudaraba certificates issued in Pakistan from 1980 onward after a law was passed giving legal recognition to the certificates
    By Rodney Wilson

  • Has Financial Reporting Impacted on Internal Auditing Negatively?

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    In spite of its bad timing, the release of the consulting Standards was a natural development in the evolution of internal auditing, albeit not one that gained universal approval. This development was the principal driver behind the release in 2000 of a completely revamped set of Standards (effective January 1, 2002) to replace the IIA’s original Standards that had remained unaltered, except in one or two minor details, since their release in 1978
    By Andrew Chambers

  • A Lesson in Austrian School Economics: The Real Cause of the Crash


    and financed not by the prior or genuine savings of citizens, but through the issue of huge doses of fiduciary media—in those days mainly paper banknotes, or certificates of demand deposits issued by banks for a much greater amount than the gold originally deposited in their vaults.
    By Jesús Huerta de Soto

  • Bond Yield


    A bond is a certificate that promises to repay a sum of money borrowed, plus interest, on a specified date, usually years into the future. National, state, and local governments issue bonds, as do corporations and many institutions.


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