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Definition of

capital expenditure budget


part of firm's budget concerned with capital expenditure a subsection of a company's master budget that deals with expected capital expenditure within a defined period.

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    by John L. Mariotti
    The appetite of organizations for capital is insatiable. Understanding the nature of capital and its effective allocation is essential to organizational success. Classical economics defines land, labor, and capital as the determinants of wealth, each being exclusive to its owner. Now there is a fourth determinant of wealth—information—and it is nonexclusive. The more information is shared, the more valuable it becomes. Business is a competition...
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  • Capital Expenditure


    Capital expenditure (capex) refers to the money a business spends purchasing or upgrading fixed assets for future business benefit. Capital expenditure can include money spent for new property that will be resold, or which might be kept for one or more years. Capital expenditure also includes money

  • Preparing a Budget


    The capital expenditure budget covers the purchase of land or buildings, the hire of equipment, etc.


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