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Definition of

callable preferred stock

Stockholding & Investments

type of preferred stock that firm may buy back a type of preferred stock that a company has the right to buy back at a specific date and for a specific price.

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  • Convertible Preferred Stock


    Yes. For example, callable preferred stock may be repurchased by the issuing company, typically at par value or slightly higher, while an indirect convertible may be exchanged for another convertible security, such as a bond that can be exchanged for convertible preferred stock. There are also

  • Understanding the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)


    debt (straight, convertible, or exchangeable), warrants, options, pension liabilities, executive stock options, and government subsidies. More exotic sources of financing, such as convertible/callable bonds or convertible preferred stock, may also be included in a WACC calculation if they are present in significant amounts as the cost of these is usually different from plain vanilla financing methods

  • Trading in Equities on Stock Exchanges


    This checklist outlines equity trading on stock exchanges.

  • Conversion Ratio


    The number of shares of common stock an investor will receive on converting a convertible security—a bond, debenture, or preferred stock.


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