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Definition of

business failure

General Management

bankrupt organization an organization that has gone bankrupt. A business that is at risk of failure may be saved by turnaround management, which identifies and deals with the reasons for decline.

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    The funds that are readily available to operate a business. Working capital comprises the total net current assets of a business, which are its inventory, debtors, and cash—minus its creditors.
  • Implementing an Effective Internal Controls System
    by Andrew Chambers
    In some jurisdictions law or regulation may require effective systems of internal control, with serious penalties for irresponsible failure. The Sarbanes–Oxley Act (2002) requires CEOs and CFOs of companies with listings in the United States to certify their assessment of the effectiveness of internal control over reported disclosures (s302) and financial reporting (s404), with penalties of up to $1 million and ten years imprisonment for...
  • Corporate Finance for SMEs
    by Terry Carroll
    The term “corporate finance” is widely, and sometimes loosely, used in business. In accounting firms it typically relates to a department or function that primarily deals with:mergers, acquisitions, and disposals (M&A); raising finance (early stage through to mature businesses); flotations; management buyouts and buy-ins; business valuations; due diligence; succession planning and exit strategies. These might represent the practical application...
  • Financial Management for the Small Business
    Colin Barrow (6th ed 2006, originally 1984)
    Designed to assist with the basics of business finance for the managers of small businesses. Focuses on key areas, informing on financial statements, financial analysis, business plans, and budgets. Gives advice on successful financial planning and control, and how to operate a small business from a solid financial platform.

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