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Definition of

buffer stock

Operations & Production

items available to cope with supply failure a stock of materials, or of work in progress, maintained in order to protect user departments from the effect of possible interruptions to supply

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    BC: Business continuityBCM: Business continuity managementBCP: Business continuity planBIA: Business impact assessmentDRP: A plan for the continuity orrecovery of information andcommunications technology (ICT)MCA: Mission-critical activitiesRisk appetite: The level of loss that anorganization is prepared to tolerateRTO: Recovery time objectiveRPO: Recovery point objective (of dataor transactions)
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    Also, the impact on the cost of capital depends on the behavior of investors. Will they be prepared to accept lower returns from banks on the basis that those banks are safer? Again, theory suggests that, over time, expectations of the yields on bank stocks should change. But that may not happen
    By Sir Howard Davies

  • Business Continuity Management: How to Prepare for the Worst

    Best Practice

    Holding buffer stock could cover equipment downtime. Increased resilience and “hardening” of facilities may reduce risk to an acceptable level. Items or services could be bought-in, rather than undertaken in-house. Contracts could be placed with commercial BC service vendors for standby IT
    By Andrew Hiles


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