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Definition of

budget management

Treasury Management

adjusting activities to meet budgets the comparison of actual financial results with the estimated expenditures and revenues for the given time period of a budget and the taking of corrective action as necessary

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  • Managing Capital Budgets for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

    Best Practice

    All corporate finance books, including books by the present author, offer the same advice: Choose investments with positive net present values. The NPV rule is important, but it is only one element of best practice. This article highlights best practices in four phases of managing capital budgets
    By Neil Seitz

  • The Objectives of Corporate Planning and Budgeting


    Finance departments are always under pressure, the more so in a climate of economic uncertainty. Increasing accountability and shorter budgeting cycles result in organizations seeking new ways to manage the budgeting process and developing solutions that meet the exact needs of their clients as well

  • Preparing a Budget


    ? When should you start a new sales campaign? When are the slow periods, when making ends meet is a challenge? There are no fixed time periods for budgets, but generally they coincide with the financial year. Businesses normally divide the budget into manageable areas, for example sales, production

  • Capital Budgeting: The Dominance of Net Present Value

    Best Practice

    A financial executive made the following interesting observation (Bierman, 1986): “The real challenge is creativity and invention, not analysis. Timely execution of projects by entrepreneurial managers is also more critical than sophistication of analytical budgeting techniques.”
    By Harold Bierman, Jr


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