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Definition of

budget account


bank account for regular expenses a bank account established to control a person's regular expenditure, such as the payment of insurance premiums, mortgage, utilities, or telephone bills. The annual expenditure for each item is paid into the account in equal monthly installments, bills being paid from the budget account as they become due.

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  • The Objectives of Corporate Planning and Budgeting


    Finance departments are always under pressure, the more so in a climate of economic uncertainty. Increasing accountability and shorter budgeting cycles result in organizations seeking new ways to manage the budgeting process and developing solutions that meet the exact needs of their clients as well

  • Moving Away from Traditional Budgeting


    Every organization has finite resources and must, therefore, assign priorities to a range of possible options when allocating its budget. However, in my experience, very few organizations do this particularly well.
    By Lawrence Phillips

  • Managing Capital Budgets for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

    Best Practice

    Capital budgeting irrevocably shapes the direction of a business, and our collective capital budgeting decisions “determine the kind of society that we and our children will live in—not just this year but many years from now as well.”1 Investment of revenue from their oil industry by Gulf countries
    By Neil Seitz

  • Capital Budgeting: The Dominance of Net Present Value

    Best Practice

    A capital budgeting decision is characterized by costs and benefits that are spread out over several time periods. This leads to a requirement that the time value of money be considered in order to evaluate the alternatives correctly. Although to make decisions we must consider risks as well as time
    By Harold Bierman, Jr


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