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Definition of

brand awareness


measure of consumers' familiarity with specific brand name the level of brand recognition that consumers have of a specific brand and its specific product category. Brand awareness examines three levels of recognition: whether the brand name is the first to come to mind when a consumer is questioned about a specific product category; whether the brand name is one of several that come to mind when a consumer is questioned about a specific product category; and whether or not a consumer has heard of a specific brand name.

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    Best Practice

    in their production of a global ranking of well-known companies, these indices are less useful as management tools for three reasons. First, brand is only indirectly alluded to in the research methodology, despite the initial market segmentation being heavily influenced by stakeholders’ awareness of large brands. Both
    By Andrew Tucker

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    and its ownership, acquisition, and use. You probably need a practical source of knowledge and guidance about intellectual property and other intellectual capital in a commercial context. You might be a chief executive of an intellectual capital company, or a brand-based business, or both. You might be a
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  • Practical Purchasing Procedures


    and services at the lowest possible cost to your business. In order to accomplish this successfully, you need to keep abreast of changes affecting both the supply of and demand for products and materials, track market conditions and price trends, and be aware of sales and inventory levels

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    e. your accountability and consistent delivery of brand values. Concurrent with this is a shift in values and public attitudes towards corporations and an increasing ethical overlap between business and personal morality.
    By John Dalton


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