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Definition of


  • 1. Finance

    money given as deposit a sum of money paid as a deposit, especially on rented premises

  • 2. Stockholding & Investments

    contract promising loan repayment with interest a certificate issued by a company or government that promises repayment of borrowed money at a set rate of interest on a particular date

  • 3. Mortgages

    debt with real estate as security a debt secured by real estate.

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  • Bond Yield


    A bond is a certificate that promises to repay a sum of money borrowed, plus interest, on a specified date, usually years into the future. National, state, and local governments issue bonds, as do corporations and many institutions.

  • Current Price of a Bond


    The narrow range within which a given bond price falls, based on that bond’s current asking price and bid price.

  • The Corporate Bond Markets in 2012 and Beyond


    Shahzada Omar Saeed has an MBA in financial management and is head of the high-yield team at Swisscanto Asset Management, where he is responsible for overseeing investments of US$1 billion. He is lead manager for the Swisscanto (CH) Institutional Bond Fund—Global High Yield I and the Swisscanto (LU
    By Shahzada Omar Saeed

  • Raising Capital by Issuing Bonds


    This checklist outlines how companies can raise finance through a bond issue.


Definitions of ’bond’ and meaning of ’bond’ are from the book publication, QFINANCE – The Ultimate Resource, © 2009 Bloomsbury Information Ltd. Find definitions for ’bond’ and other financial terms with our online QFINANCE Financial Dictionary.

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