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Definition of


  • 1. Finance

    money given as deposit a sum of money paid as a deposit, especially on rented premises

  • 2. Stockholding & Investments

    contract promising loan repayment with interest a certificate issued by a company or government that promises repayment of borrowed money at a set rate of interest on a particular date

  • 3. Mortgages

    debt with real estate as security a debt secured by real estate.

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  • Bond Yield


    A bond is a certificate that promises to repay a sum of money borrowed, plus interest, on a specified date, usually years into the future. National, state, and local governments issue bonds, as do corporations and many institutions.

  • Current Price of a Bond


    The narrow range within which a given bond price falls, based on that bond’s current asking price and bid price.

  • Should Governments Step In and Start Issuing Longevity Bonds?

    Best Practice

    conversion of a person’s accumulated pension assets into pension income). Longevity bonds are instruments that would allow financial institutions to hedge systematic (or aggregate) longevity risk. These bonds, which involve no repayment of principal, would pay a coupon that is linked to the survivorship of a
    By David Blake, Tom Boardman, Andrew Cairns

  • The Corporate Bond Markets in 2012 and Beyond


    Shahzada Omar Saeed has an MBA in financial management and is head of the high-yield team at Swisscanto Asset Management, where he is responsible for overseeing investments of US$1 billion. He is lead manager for the Swisscanto (CH) Institutional Bond Fund—Global High Yield I and the Swisscanto (LU
    By Shahzada Omar Saeed


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