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Definition of

beneficiary bank


bank dealing with gift a bank that handles a gift such as a bequest

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  • Understanding the UCP600

    Best Practice

    : the applicant for the letter of credit (the bank’s customer—typically the buyer of goods described in the letter of credit); the beneficiary of the letter of credit (the party to be paid—typically the seller of the goods); and the issuing bank. The independence principle is found in article 4 of the UCP600, which states, “A credit by its nature is a separate transaction from the sale or any other contract on which it may be based
    By Buddy Baker

  • Asset Protection Schemes

    Key Concepts

    An asset protection scheme (APS) is a state-backed insurance scheme designed to protect banks that are exposed to significant levels of non-performing loans. The government generally charges a fee for the cover that it is providing. The idea is based upon the premise that an institution saddled

  • Exporting Against Letters of Credit

    Best Practice

    A letter of credit is a bank’s own engagement to pay a specified amount of money to the named beneficiary upon presentation to the bank of specified documents. In a transaction involving a sale of goods, the contract of sale will specify that payment is to be made by means of a letter of credit
    By Buddy Baker

  • Introduction to Islamic Financial Risk Management Products

    Best Practice

    To ensure adherence to these underlying principles, most banks that sell Islamic products have a board of shariah scholars (or will appoint a shariah scholar on a product-by-product basis) to ensure the bank’s (or product’s) compliance with the Islamic precepts.
    By Qudeer Latif, Susi Crawford


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