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Definition of

behavioral science

HR & Personnel

science studying how people act academic disciplines such as sociology and psychology that relate to the study of the way in which humans conduct themselves. In the field of management, the behavioral sciences are used to study the behavior of organizations.

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    Advances in Behavioral Finance is a collection of seminal research papers from this emerging field of science. It examines discrepancies in the markets, and develops a theoretical basis for explaining each discrepancy based on recent advances in behavioral finance, laying the groundwork

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    A Behavioral Theory of the Firm examines the academic discipline of decision sciences, which is devoted to analyzing and understanding management decision making. It discusses how decision-making is becoming ever more demanding due to the growth in complexity, and observes that difficult decisions

  • Sendhil Mullainathan


    Sendhil Mullainathan is a professor of economics at Harvard University and a director of ideas42, a center devoted to taking insights about people from behavioral economics and using them to create novel policies, interventions, and products. He received his BA in computer science, mathematics


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