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Definition of

Banking Code


UK banks' voluntary code of practice a voluntary code of best practice for the banking and financial services industry, which is developed and revised by the British Bankers' Association

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  • Codes of Conduct

    Key Concepts

    that it will implement a code of conduct for banks in 2010 that will limit bonuses and strengthen corporate governance. The French and German governments appear intent on introducing measures to cap bankers’ pay unless the industry adopts strict codes of conduct. Thus President Sarkozy of France has said Paris

  • Banks and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Recent Business Developments

    Best Practice

    A common perception is that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) cannot access appropriate financing. This perception is often supported by academic and policy circles’ “conventional wisdom” that banks are generally not interested in dealing with SMEs, mainly due to SMEs’ perceived opaqueness1
    By Sergio Schmukler, Augusto de la Torre, María Soledad Martínez Pería

  • Product Taxonomy: A Key Tool for Understanding Risk–Return Within the Banking Framework

    Best Practice

    Generally, firms dealing with financial instruments—no matter how simple or complex—are required, by law and for the sake of their stakeholders, to handle these products properly. More specifically, this means that banks and other financial institutions must capture, book, price, value, report
    By Markus Krebsz

  • The “Comply or Explain” Approach to Improving Standards of Corporate Governance


    Clearly, “comply or explain” was not sufficient to prevent the problems which led to the global crash of 2008. These were more deep-seated issues that had to do with regulatory matters such as the mispricing of risks by banks. The UK Code has clear limitations in dealing with complex investment
    By Sir Christopher Hogg


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