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Definition of

bank reserves


bank's ready money the money that a bank has available to meet the demands of its depositors

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    This article was first published in Quantum magazine.If you believe the central bankers and regulators from the G20 countries who make up the Basel committee, now in conclave working out the final details of Basel III, it will be a prudent but well-judged package that judiciously balances conflicting objectives.The committee accepts that its main stipulation—requiring banks to hold higher reserves—will have some economic impact. The cost of...
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  • Reserve Ratio


    In the United States the policy is more prescriptive, and specified percentages of deposits—specified by the Federal Reserve Board—must be kept by banks in a noninterest-bearing account at one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks located throughout the country.

  • Longevity, Reserves, and Annuities—A Difficult Circle to Square

    Best Practice

    -term liabilities. Their job is made more difficult by regulators who, after the current banking sector turmoil, can be expected to take a very conservative view of asset values. The result will be that insurers will have to hold much higher capital reserves—and this, again, will raise the price of annuities. From
    By Paul Belok


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