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Definition of

auditor's report


auditor's confirmation of firm's financial records a certification by an auditor that a firm's financial records give a true and fair view of its profit and loss for the period

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  • Auditor Sensitivity to Source Reliability

    Best Practice

    external “noise” that may cloud project reporting as various stakeholders interpret results to meet their own agendas, which may or may not be aligned with the goals of the project. Auditors are faced with constraints that may tempt them to jump to conclusions or misinterpret information—or simply to “go
    By Denise Cicchella, Stuart Gardner

  • What Is the Range of the Internal Auditor’s Work?

    Best Practice

    The range and type of the internal auditor’s work depend on a number of factors:
    By Andrew Cox

  • Internal Auditors and Enterprise Risk Management

    Best Practice

    Undoubtedly, however, the UK Turnbull Report (henceforth “Turnbull”) on corporate governance was an important catalyst in the process of involving internal auditors with risk management. The Turnbull emphasis on the adoption by corporations of risk-based approaches to the establishment of internal control systems, and on the subsequent monitoring of these systems’ effectiveness, created a role for high-level monitoring agencies within organizations
    By Ian Fraser

  • Threats to Auditor Independence and Possible Remedies

    Best Practice

    In preparing the annual report, accounting and reporting issues are effectively jointly decided by management and the auditor, even though, strictly speaking, the preparation of the accounts is the responsibility of the managers. It is therefore quite sensible to ask if auditor independence, both in mind
    By Gilad Livne


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