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insurance compensating expected future event, especially death a type of insurance that pays compensation for an event that is certain to happen at some time, especially compensation for the death of the insured person.

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  • Integrated Reporting Requires Integrated Assurance

    Best Practice

    Though the growth in sustainability reporting is impressive, the growth in the extent to which these reports have any form of assurance on them, whether by a Big Four accounting firm or a specialist boutique, is less impressive.
    By Robert G. Eccles, Michael P. Krzus, Liv A. Watson

  • New Assurance Challenges Facing Chief Audit Executives

    Best Practice

    assurance on the effectiveness of risk management. In fact, in many organizations internal audit already clearly does this, as demonstrated in Protiviti’s June 2007 publication Internal Auditing Around the World.3 It is clear—and has been since Turnbull (1999),4 if not before—that boards have a duty to get
    By Simon D'Arcy

  • The Assurance versus Consulting Debate: How Far Should Internal Audit Go?

    Best Practice

    Internal auditors have described their discipline as an “assurance and consulting activity.” Such a definition immediately begs the question: what is the difference, and what should the balance be?
    By Michael Parkinson

  • Sustainability Reporting and Assurance—A Market-Driven Transformation


    As our clients report more nonfinancial information, they are increasingly turning to us to provide assurance that the information that they are reporting is credible. To support this growing part of our business, we have been developing sustainability-related assurance and advisory services
    By Brendan LeBlanc, Barruch Ben-Zekry


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