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Definition of

allowable losses


losses rightly offset against gains losses such as those on the sale of assets that can be used to reduce the amount of income on which tax is paid

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    A company’s sales revenues and expenses over a period, providing a calculation of profits or losses during that time.

  • Gary Deutsch


    and liability management, and accounting and internal auditing. He also consults on credit risk management and allowance for loan and lease loss regulatory compliance and accounting issues. Prior to founding BRT Publications, Deutsch worked extensively in management positions with regional financial institutions

  • Analyzing a Bank’s Financial Performance

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    are deemed impaired, policies related to the evaluation and measurement of impaired loans, and what factors are considered by the bank in establishing reserves (or allowances) for credit impairment and losses. Key asset quality ratios include the following.
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  • How Taxation Impacts on Liquidity Management

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    Most developed tax systems contain provisions that allow the tax authorities to increase the taxable profit, or reduce the allowable loss, of an entity which has entered into transactions with affiliates on non-arm’s-length terms. In some jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, this now
    By Martin O’Donovan


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