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Definition of

advertising media


TV, radio, newspapers, etc. used for product announcements the communication channels used for advertising, including television, radio, the printed press, and outdoor advertising

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  • Media

    Sector Profiles

    The term “media” refers both to various forms of communication, and to the organizations behind this communication, including the press and news-reporting agencies. It can also refer to different types of data storage. This sector profile looks at the media in all its communication activities.

  • Every Company Is a Media Company


    Every company is a media company, no matter what its business or activity. I believe that engagement with the internet is critical to the company that wants to ensure that its message is heard. Equally, a company must be alert to comments on its products, brands, or personnel on the web so
    By Richard Sambrook

  • Capitalizing on Social Media Financial Transactions

    White Papers

    Just take a look at the variety of financial transactions conducted over social media and social games today:
    By Saku Oikarinen

  • Reputation and Strategic Issue Management

    Best Practice

    Most organizations recognize the importance of reputation to their organizations, yet few have dedicated structures and people in place to oversee the critical function. In the author’s opinion, we are witnessing the era of a reputation economy, whereby economic sustainability is based less on what you claim (typically through a mixture of mass media and social media) and more on what you actually do, i
    By John Dalton


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