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Definition of

active fund management

Stockholding & Investments

proactive managing of mutual fund the managing of a mutual fund by making judgments about stock valuations instead of relying on automatic adjustments such as indexation.

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  • The Impact of Index Trackers on Shareholders and Stock Volatility
    by Martin Gold
    Stock indexing, where investment portfolios mimic or replicate market indexes, has profound implications for both firms and investors. The practice stems from theoretical research which suggests that markets are informationally efficient. Since security prices generally reflect all public information, there is no point in employing active fund management and paying for investment research if there is no prospect of reliably beating the market....
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  • MENA Asset Management Barometer No. 1

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    Oman, and Bahrain expected to have a positive impact on investor activity. However, managers also said that a lack of unified regulation across MENA was damaging distribution and investment opportunities, as well as pushing up asset management overheads.
    By MENA Fund Manager

  • Managing Activist Investors and Fund Managers

    Best Practice

    Whether or not your organization has been a target in the past for activist investors and fund managers, you have to plan on it becoming a fact of life from now onā€”things have changed.
    By Leslie L. Kossoff

  • Money Managers

    Best Practice

    The classic mandate is that of the active fund manager. Their aim is to spot companies whose share price is low or high relative to what the money manager believes the ultimate value will prove to be. Active fund managers therefore have a great interest in gaining insight into a company in advance
    By David Pitt-Watson


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