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Definition of

accounting equation


formula relating assets, liabilities, and equity a formula in which a firm's assets must be equal to the sum of its liabilities and the owners' equity.

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  • Cultural Changes in External Auditing

    Best Practice

    approach in which accounts are classified by their nature as real, personal, or nominal, while countries like the United States and Canada use the accounting equation approach in which the balance sheet must reconcile, i.e. Assets = Liabilities + Equity. Accounts are classified as assets, liabilities
    By Jyothi Manohar

  • The Human Value of the Enterprise

    Best Practice

    Our people are our most important asset. This frequent statement from chief executives is often received with justifiable cynicism. The problem is that people within an organization do not always experience decisions and policies in their everyday work life that support such a belief. The accountant
    By Andrew Mayo

  • Interdependence of National and International Markets: The Foreign Information Transmission (FIT) Model

    Best Practice

    of measuring association mainly produced static estimates that reflect average values over time, even if the variables involved are incorporated with methodology that takes into account variations over time
    By Boulis Ibrahim, Janusz Brzeszczynski

  • Modeling Market Risk

    Best Practice

    Here we take the time value of money into account, i.e. is a discounting factor such that is the value of at time t.
    By Marius Bochniak


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