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Definition of

accounting bases


fundamental accounting methods the methods used for applying fundamental accounting concepts to financial transactions and items; preparing financial accounts; determining the accounting periods in which revenue and costs should be recognized in the profit and loss account; and determining the amounts at which material items should be stated in the balance sheet

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  • Costs and Benefits of Accounting-Based Regulation in Emerging Capital Markets

    Best Practice

    to issue additional shares as long as companies provide adequate disclosure. There is no accounting-based profitability threshold that the company has to meet before making the stock issuance. The rationale is that such thresholds create additional costs for investors.
    By Wang Jiwei

  • Accounting for Share-Based Payments under IFRS

    Best Practice

    The standard requires that equity-settled share-based payment awards are accounted for using the modified grant-date approach. This requires the measurement of the fair value of the award at the grant date, adjusted to reflect certain types of conditions, known as market conditions and nonvesting
    By Shân Kennedy

  • Activity-Based Costing


    The list ranges from accountants to zoologists. It may be especially helpful for knowledge-based businesses that rely primarily on human services and related resources, whose total costs may be difficult to measure with more traditional accounting yardsticks.

  • Profitability Analysis Using Activity-Based Costing

    Best Practice

    Factory overhead costs in a manufacturing organization are varied and complex. These costs consist of indirect labor, indirect materials, and other indirect factory support costs. Factory support personnel include process design engineers, supervisors, maintenance workers, inspectors, purchasing agents, security personnel, and administrative workers such as accountants and human resource personnel
    By Priscilla Wisner


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