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  1. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    "Blindsided" by crisis, Bush denies all responsibility for its fomentation

    George W Bush's memoirs Decision Points provide a fascinating and revealing insight into the thinking - or the lack of it - that helped inspire the former US president's decision-making during his eight years in the Oval Office.

  2. Finance Blogger: Bill Sharon

    It's the money, stupid

    Some thirty plus years ago I read a book entitled Man's Worldly Goods - The Story of The Wealth of Nations by Leo Huberman. Mr. Huberman was an avowed socialist and co-founder of The Monthly Review – a dyed in the wool lefty if there ever was one. My recollection is that his book was easy to read and an interesting history of how wealth was defined over time and through a number of different economic systems.

  3. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Chinese ratings agency says QE2 is "like drinking poison"

    The mood ahead of the G20 summit in Korea is turning ugly. America's actions - especially its policy of deliberate dollar devaluation through quantitative easing - are looking increasingly irresponsible and even reckless to its creditors, some of whom are starting to snap.

  4. Finance Blogger: Leslie Kossoff

    The value of the Super-Angels

    Years ago, during the midst of the dotcom boom, I was sitting at breakfast at Buck’s, minding my own business and preparing for a meeting that I had later that morning. Buck’s is a restaurant in Woodside that is a popular hang with the venture set and was a veritable gathering place for everyone involved in tech ventures in the Silicon Valley. It still is.

  5. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    "This is the monetary equivalent of a nuclear war"

    The Federal Reserve’s policy of effectively shafting its international creditors by debasing the dollar through the mechanism of quantitative easing ain’t nothing if it ain’t controversial.

  6. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Banks who bend the law are serving capitalism ill

    Alan Sloan is one of America’s most respected business and financial columnists; he is also a man who genuinely loves capitalism. So when Sloan starts suggesting US banks risk destroying the capitalist system with their cavalier disregard for the law, one really ought to sit up and take notice.

  7. Finance Blogger: QFINANCE Editor

    QFINANCE Top 5 Stories of the Week

    QFINANCE brings to you its top 5 financial news stories of the week, along with relevant QFINANCE articles and definitions to fill you in on background details. Stories this week include the erosion of Chinese tradition, a second round of quantitative easing, and interest rate rises in India and Australia.

  8. Finance Blogger: All About Alpha

    Using options instead of stocks for merger arb: Apparently not for the faint of heart

    With corporate balance sheets flush with cash, there has been a lot of talk recently about the potential for an M&A bonanza. This, of course, would provide opportunities for merger arbitrage hedge fund managers. Whether you consider their returns to be a fair compensation for long the successful completion of deals or the result of pure skill, research has shown that merger arb has produced positive returns over time.

  9. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    QE2 and Gridlock in Washington – are we having fun yet?

    Investment managers contemplating the mixed messages coming from US voters in America’s mid-term elections don’t know whether to breath a sigh of relief that the resulting political gridlock is going to make it tough for Democrats to launch new major (unfunded) policies or whether to bemoan the fact that the economy is in far too fragile a position to endure political paralysis. 

  10. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Double agents in the asset management industry

    recent article in the Financial Times’ asset management supplement spoke volumes about what's wrong with the industry it covers. The piece, "Bank-owned funds used as props", prompted FT Alphaville to run a parallel one headlined "Double agents in asset management".

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