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  1. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    Where does Wikileaks’ description of Russia as a “Mafia state” leave the Russian economy? Part One

    There is a clear trajectory which companies in emerging economies follow when it comes to corporate governance. Many start out barely paying lip service to the concept while others are frankly criminal.

  2. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    Dear PayPal: Wikileaks is not a terrorist organization

    Much of the debate surrounding Wikileaks's release of confidential cables sent by US diplomats to their bosses in Washington D.C. has revolved around whether the whistleblowers' website is right or wrong to have selectively released some 1,000 of the 250,000 state department cables it has in its possession.

  3. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    Debunking ideas that the US Fed is out of control

    One of the many memorable lines in Casablanca, right up there with Lauran Bacall’s “You do know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow,” is the policeman’s exclamation: “I’m shocked, shocked to learn that there is gambling going on,” just as his winnings are slipped into his pocket.

  4. Finance Blogger: Bill Sharon

    The risk of war in Korea

    Regardless of your opinion about the existence and intent of Wikileaks perhaps the most surprising thing about the internal diplomatic cables that have been revealed to date is that they are not very surprising.

  5. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    European pensions see deficits rise despite record contributions

    The pain associated with running a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme could not be more graphically illustrated than it is in the latest survey of European Pension Funds 2010 by actuaries Lane, Clark & Peacock.

  6. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    If the FSA wanted a whitewash, PwC was well-placed to deliver it

    This is the second of a two-part examination of the UK Financial Services Authority's (FSA) recent inadequate response to the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). The FSA's choice of PwC as an “independent third-party investigator" to handle its inquiry into the pre-crash behavior of RBS raises questions about what sort of outcome the FSA wanted from this probe...

  7. Finance Blogger: Ian Fraser

    FSA’s attempt to rewrite history over RBS lacks credibility

    This is is the first of a two-part examination of the UK Financial Services Authority’s (FSA) recent response to the collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The FSA’s obsession with “light touch” regulation from 1997 to 2008 did more than anything else to transform London into the “Wild West” of finance in 2000–08...

  8. Finance Blogger: Anthony Harrington

    Trichet calls for tighter fiscal monitoring of EU members

    In an address to the European Parliament on 30 November, Jean-Claude Trichet, the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) warned the Parliament against allowing member states too much leeway when it comes to drafting new “oversight” legislation.

  9. Finance Blogger: All About Alpha

    Insider Traders: Rogues or Whistleblowers?

    Insider trading has been around for eons. Its recent emergence in the slightly more institutionalized form of an “expert network” says more about the perennial tension between investors’ quest for information versus the public’s desire for a level playing field than it does about the need for an overhaul of the hedge fund industry.

  10. Finance Blogger: Bill Sharon

    Separation of bank and state

    Perhaps the most ominous part of Ireland’s proposed austerity plan is the decrease by €1 in the minimum wage. When you first read that number is doesn’t seem so bad – it’s only a 1/one. That’s until you remember that the minimum wage is expressed in compensation per hour.

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